Tuesday 17 April 2012

My Uniform

I decided to post some Instagram photos of some of the lazy outfits I wear.  These are the outfits that I usually just throw on and run out of the house in (hence a lack of good photos with them).  Do we see a pattern here?

  • Denim button-up - American Apparel
  • Tiger tank - street shopping in Thailand
  • Pink skinnies - Aerie
  • Python flats - H&M
  • Leather bag - Cambio made in Korea

  • White Oxford button-up - Charles and a Half from Urban Outfitters (boyfriend's)
  • Tiger thank - street shopping in Thailand
  • Blue leggings - Joe Fresh
  • White sneakers - Ardene (I know... +_+)
So goes the title of this post, my go-to outfit is usually skinnies/leggings, tank, and a button-up (or cardigan if it's colder), and very flat shoes. 

Anyway, lately I've been really into making friendship bracelets.  And since I've already posted so many Instagram photos in this post, I may as well post some more!  

The day it all started.  I even made one for my lovely boyfriend!  <3

So many colours and sizes!

I took this photo today.  These are my current faves.  I'm going to be making a TON of these in different colours and sizes, and with different charms!  I think they're going to be terribly cute!  And I may sell them for really cheap <3.

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  1. I love these casual outfits!! :) Xx

  2. I love your lazy outfits, the blazers make it all come together very nicely :) nice bracelets too, I used to have loads on my wrists! xx

  3. I love the effect the tiger shirt does for your lazy outfits! It's good to have a favorite for those crazy-hurry mornings! Need your pink jeans! :)

  4. I am loving the tiger shirt on your first outfit! Such amazing "lazy" outfits that for some reason...look so well put together! :)


  5. love your outfits! :)


  6. I want that tank! Cute blog :)

    xo, Megan


  7. Your go to outfits are very similar to mines. Leggings/top/cardi/flats. Your bracelets are adorable, and it's so cute how you made one for your bf too! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  8. My kinda uniform, love the tiger tank! x

  9. Have you seen this? http://www.bloglovin.com/m/227013/442905471/a/0/aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRndoYXRpd29yZS50dW1ibHIuY29tJTJGcG9zdCUyRjIxMjY3Mzk3NzM3

    I want to do it SOBAD, but thread here is like, a million dollars. I'm pretty sure.

    You should do it!

  10. erm, try this link instead: