Tuesday 9 April 2013

Winter's Passing, Wellies, and Michael Kors

I'd like to pretend I lived in the sunny state of California.  I'd love to prance around in nothing but cute DIY denim cut-offs and oversized tees.  I would.  I really would.  But sadly, I live in the Great White North where Mother-flippin-Nature has no GOSH DARN MERCY.  For the love of d'Orsay flats and cropped pants, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF WOMAN!!  Rant over.

As you've already noticed, this post has snow in it.  This is actually an outfit shoot my Boyf and I did a while ago (months ago, even).  I never got a chance to show it, but as it seems that Mother Nature is pooping on us with continuous cold weather, I thought: "WHY THE HECK NOT?!".  It's the perfect weather outside to stay inside and stare at snow.  So here it is.
I actually can't believe I've never featured this bag on my blog.  I know this bag is old news, but I absolutely love it -- it is easily one of my favourites!  My boyf got me this bag as part of present this past Christmas, and I kissed him all over for it!  Until THIS bag, I had been using a Longchamp tote as my everyday work/laptop/workhorse/back-ruiner bag.  I have long since retired that old soul for this sack of fresh, stiff leather.
White Chiffon Blouse | Grey Pullover | Berry Leggings: American Apparel
If you watched my very first YouTube video, you'll remember these boots.  It's been raining cats and dogs all week here in Toronto, and these boots are kind of making me love the rain that I would otherwise find repulsive.  Make it RAIN, Mother Nature, MAKE-IT-RAIN!
Michael Kors Jet-Set Travel Tote for Apple MacBook Pro
Solid Colour Rain Boot from Go Jane

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  And hope y'all had a wonderful Tuesday doing what you do!  (Cheap movies?  Tacos?  Wings?  I dunnoo..)



  1. I love MK bags. The outfit you just put together is pretty!

  2. Noo you don't understand, that is my ideal bag. Oh my gosh, lucky girl! Where did he get it for you? I loveee MK!


    1. Hi Letitia! He bought it from the Apple store! You can get it from the MK store, or the Apple store, or the Apple store online =).

  3. Is this the 15 inch macbook bag or the 11 inch?

  4. Is this the 15 inch macbook bag or the 11 inch?

  5. I think in the end I find this bag in black color the best. Planning to go for this bag next month. Found you through google and loved the whole OOTD look :D. You are very cute looking ^_^. Love from India, B.