Tuesday 17 September 2013

TOBI Haul & Review

Before we get into it, here's the lowdown:  tobi.com is a website that offers new releases DAILY. Every day's new releases are 30% for that day only.  The gist of the site is that there are new arrivals on sale everyday.

I've known about Tobi for a while now, but never got around to ordering anything until recently.  They offer 50% off your first order if you sign-up using your Facebook account.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  I had no negative qualms when it came to ordering because one of my coworkers orders from them frequently and has loved everything that she's ever received.

With Fall just around the corner, I finally gave-in to ordering two new pieces for fall: a cute over-sized jacket and a pair of combat boots.  The original retail of the jacket is $70CAD, and $60CAD for the boots.  With a 50% off discount, it's a pretty sweet deal right?  Once I applied my discount code, and then added shipping (which was around $10) my order came to just shy of $75CAD.  K, not TOTALLY bad when the jacket itself retailed for $70 at regular price...amirite?  I knew that the order would also incur a C.O.D. charge because it was coming from the States, but I didn't imagine it would be too much.  Wrong.  My C.O.D. charge came to just over $37CAD which brings my total to more than $100.  All I can say is GOOD thing I had the 50% discount.

Available at TOBI.com
I don't want to just say all things negative because I DO think that the pieces are very cute.  However, the quality of the items is where my disappointment settles in.

Review: Mono B Half Wit Jacket from TOBI

The dirty mirror is making the faux leather look dirty.  The jacket came in perfectly clean condition. :)
Having lived in Korea for a year, I should have known what the quality of the jacket would be like.  I just thought that maybe -- just MAAAYBE -- it would be decent quality with its $70 price tag.  Sadly, the feel of this jacket is almost worse than the quality of something from Forever21.  If you've ever shopped in Korea, then here's a comparison for you: Underground Subway shopping.  This jacket could be sold at a Korean street stall for $20.  No joke.  Not only is the quality pretty sad, but it's wrinkled to death.  I'm going to have to steam the heck out of it to make it at least LOOK believably decent.
The wrinkles and wrankles; these images don't sufficiently capture the extent of the wrinkly-ness.  
Will I still wear it?  After a good steam, of course.  Was it worth the buy?  In my opinion a $70 price tag is WAY too steep for the cheap materials and low quality of this piece.  Not worth the buy.
Instagram: @thelittledandy

Instagram: @thelittledandy

Check out ZARA if you want something similar, but better quality.

Review: Platinum Laced Boots

My only disappointment with the boots is that I wasn't expecting them to be by the brand Wanted.  I've never owned anything by this brand, but I've seen it around and it doesn't exactly scream GREAT QUALITY to me (what it does scream is GREAT BARGAIN!). Nowhere on the Tobi product page do they indicate that these boots are by the brand Wanted, which is strange because when an item is by another brand they usually call it out; Tobi carries items from Chinese Laundry, Dolce Vita, and Report footwear. Had I known that these boots were from Wanted, I would have checked the Wanted Platinum Lace-Up Boots product page before placing my order; I would have been able to look up reviews on fit and quality prior to ordering.

Will I still wear them?  Of course, they're super cute.  I ordered a 7.5 (I'm usually a 7-7.5) and they fit me JUST right (FYI: this means they fit small if you're thinking of ordering!).  Hopefully I'll be able to fit them over a pair of thick winter socks.  For the price tag and man-made materials, they do feel well-made and like they'll last more than one season.  Was it worth the buy?  I'm still undecided.  I am actually surprised with the relatively good quality of the Wanted brand, but ultimately: we'll see how long they last.

Instagram: @thelittledandy

If you're looking for a pair of cheap combat-style boots without the Dr. Martens price tag, check out stores like Forever21 or GoJane.com for a better bargain.

The Verdict

Overall, I'd say that if you're using the 50% off discount code, then you're getting what you pay for.  If you're like me, and your ultimate shopping goal is to get a good bargain, I WOULD NOT suggest shopping at Tobi if you're shipping internationally due to the added C.O.D. charges (no one likes to pay extra for anything.  Amirite?).  However, if you're purchasing only sale items, using a 50% discount code, and spending at least $100 to get the free shipping?  Then I guess it COULD even-out somehow for Canadians (but I doubt it).  I also need to mention that shipping was VERY fast.  I placed my order on Thursday night, I received shipping confirmation on Friday, and received my package on Monday (yesterday!).  That is amazing for a package coming to Toronto, Canada from California.  Kudos to Tobi for shipping!

Will I order from them again?  I doubt it.  If I need to give this shopping site a rating out of 5?

I give online shopping at TOBI.com a 2.5/5
I just didn't get the bargain or quality I was expecting.

Have you shopped at TOBI?  Was it a hit or a miss for you??


  1. Hmm I've never even heard of this store until now. That jacket is super cute it's a bummer the quality isn't that great. Thanks for the review I think I'll steer clear of this shop for now :)

    1. The jacket is def super cute, but yes...the quality was a definite miss :P.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Tina! :)

  3. I love this honesty of this review :)

  4. Great review, thanks I was about to order from them because the models are so cute.
    Good job!!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to ask more about your experience with Tobi! I'm also in Ontario, so I'm a little scared about the "2-3 weeks" expected for delivery with USPS International and about the import taxes/duties... Do you remember roughly how much the import costs were??! Thanks!

    1. Hi Valerie. I paid $37 in COD (charge at delivery) costs, which is the import taxes/duties. TBH, this was my first and last time ever ordering from Tobi. The quality just wasn't great and I ended up throwing the boots away and donating the jacket! I have a friend who recently ordered a dress and the fit was absolutely terrible!

      Also, with how poorly the Canadian dollar is doing right now, online shopping is pretty bad for us lol. Hope this is helpful!

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