Wednesday 10 April 2013

The Head Scarf

All above head scarves can be found at Urban Outfitters.  Also, this is a poorly photoshopped collage by me =).
Call me obsessed, but this little head accessory has me falling at its feet (if head scarves had feet, that is).  If you browse through my old posts, you'll know that I frequently fancy a bow or scarf on my head-space, and I have long since been obsessed with American Apparel Twist Scarves (see here, here, and here).  Unfortunately, these wire-y twist scarves can't really be worn with your hair up in a bun.  They annoyingly slide up the back of your head making you look like an awkward 3rd grader that was just swinging upside-down on a jungle gym.

So on that note, I am officially obsessed with non-wirey headband/head wrap/head scarf/kerchief things!  They magically make you and your lazy, dirty, hair look suddenly put together and awesome!  Don't wash your hair everyday?  FOOL EVERYONE!

I am loving the ease of this bun-and-headscarf look, and I'm so glad it's still on trend for 2013!  Here's my take on the adorable look:

Head Scarf: DIY (let me know if you'd like to learn!)  |  Matte Lips:  Joe Fresh in Melon

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Happy Hump Day All!

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