Thursday 11 April 2013

Stripes and Bright Lips

Before I throw the typical jumble of non-sensical words at your face, I just have to mention that the gracious and giving Mother Nature pooped on us again today.  It snowed.  It hailed.  It rained.  There was slush everywhere.  It sucked.  Now, we can move on...
Despite what I just said about how much the weather CRAPPED on us today, it IS technically "Spring" here in Toronto.  Since the weather has been getting better (again, despite today's Armageddon of ice), the Boyf and I have been able to take to the streets again with his camera!  *Yay*
Anyway, I have been OBSESSING over two trends for Spring 2013: Black & White and Bright Matte Lips!  The particular lippy worn above is indeed the same as the one I'm wearing in my previous post.  It is a Joe Fresh matte lipstick in Melon.  You can pick up Joe Fresh cosmetics at your local Loblaws (if you're in Ontario).  I'm not sure if the clothing stores actually carry the cosmetics; I think some do, and some don't.  Definitely check out these matte lipsticks though because they are great quality and only $6 a pop!
Jacket: UGIZ Korea  ||  Striped T: American Apparel  ||  Zippered Skinnies: Forever21  ||  Bag: Little Black Bag

These are my beaten up and dirty shearling-lined TOMS.  The Boyf actually got these for me last Spring.  Love 'em!

Meet my Boyf/Photog-extroadinaire:  Ryan <3

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!  And if you didn't...well, at least it's Friday tomorrow =).



  1. cute outfit! looks very good at you!

  2. simplicity and chic at its finest

  3. I love the glasses too! And the chic outfit with the red lipstick!xx

  4. i just love how effortlessly cool & comfy stripes with black cigarette pants look. and the red lipstick is a nice pop of color. so chic!

  5. Love the post, you look tres chic! This is my ultimate combo. Stripes are a wardrobe staple for me, and ONE day I'll try that bright lip! xx

    1. Yay! Try the lippy! It will brighten your day =).

  6. to say i love your style would be an understatement