Monday 15 April 2013

Blogger News Round-Up: Coachella Style!

*Rumi Neely's Instagram:  @peaceloveshea @rumineely & @mrmatteobaldi
This weekend, some of your favourite style bloggers skipped on down to the sunny state of California to enjoy a weekend full of music festival fun!  Don't even bother asking, because the answer is YES.  This year, like every other year around this time, I sulk through my "I wish I were at Coachella" weekend.  One day,' there.
*Aimee Song's Instagram: @profreshstyle @sincerelyjules @songofstyle & @leblogdebetty
Aimee Song of @songofstyle instagrammed in true festival style with blogger friends at the @lacostelive Desert Pool Party 2013.
*Julie Sarinana's Instagram: @sincerelyjules
Julie Sarinana looking perfectly 'Coachella chic' (her words, not mine) in this denim & blue-all-over get-up.  Also, I need her geo-print top.  
*Chiara Ferragni's Instagram: @chiaraferragni
Without fail, The Blond Salad fashionista made it all the way to Cali to show off some tribal festival style.  I think my favourite part about this is her "I don't care" hair.
*Jennifer Humprey's Instagram: @jen_agogo in @madebyafriendofmine
I saved my fave Coachella style pic for last: Jennifer Humphrey of A Go/Go Fashion looking absolutely perfect.  Had I gone to Coachella, this is what I'd want to be in.  Love.

In Toronto...
*Gloria Chik's Instagram: @urbanebloc
Toronto's own Gloria Chik of Urbane Bloc made it all the way out to Coachella this year!  It's nice to see some Canadian presence <3.
*The Luxe Life's Instagram: @the_luxelife
Lastly, I don't know if I should say "I told you so," but The Luxe Life instagrammed this collage on Friday stating, "All we'll be wearing this weekend #Coachella #roadtrip #instagood #picoftheday"...

Alls I can say is, remember my post from last Wednesday?  Headscarves for the win!

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Happy Monday!



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    1. Thanks lovely lady, but I'm not actually in any of these above photos! lol Thanks for the visit.

  2. I want to go to Coachella too one day...dont worry both of us will!!!