Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Winner!

Congratulations to Michelle Yan of sweetyfruits!  

She is the winner of my first giveaway!  She will be receiving 20 pieces of Skin Food cosmetics in the mail soon! 

Thanks to those who entered! =)

It seems I've been posting on a weekly basis lately.  I do apologize--I DO!!  I've been so busy running about here and there, and doing this and that!  As you all know (if you've read my previous posts) I am now interning at a digital advertising agency for the summer!  I won't get into any details of the job on here because none of it will be style/fashion related, but I'd just thought I'd let you all know what I've been up to and why I've been so M.I.A!

Now that I'm finally all moved in and settled, I promise to start posting more!  I'm trying to figure out how I'll be taking my photos new room doesn't really have a bare wall free of furniture or appliances =P.  I'm sure I'll figure it out!   So please stay tuned for my regular style postings and DIYs to resume!  In the coming week!

Now to finally get to all those comments and visiting all of your wonderful blogs...


Oh, and as to not bore you are some pics from Instagram.  And if you already follow me on there...well then apologies for the redundancy!  

Went to IKEA with the dad.  Food.

One of the walls in my new room has a random pipe sticking out of it.  I don't mind.

Some oldies of my dear Ryan and I <3.

My new bedding!  And tiny bed!  Floral, of course.

This cute little table was in the wall when I moved in.  Keepsies.

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  1. Cute room! I love that bedding. I'll look you up on Instagram now - I'm Amy_fivekinds !

  2. I really love your simple room!! following you now.


  3. Delicious dishes and incredible backpack ! Kiss x

  4. toller blog :)
    die Bettwäsche habe ich auch, vllt schaust du ja auch mal bei mir vorbei, würde mich freuen :)

  5. Ciao:) If you want follow each other also with bloglovin??:) Tell me something,kiss,Paolo

  6. Love the pictures, definitely following you =)

  7. cooler blog!