Tuesday 24 July 2012

Summer Days

I assume you've all been keeping yourselves busy with the things that summer can bring. I love summer, but I've been quite busy! This busy dandy has been running about working two jobs! 
Needless to say, I unfortunately haven't had the time for as many good outfit shoots :(.
If you follow me on Instagram though, you'll know that I snap an "outfit of the day" on the regular! So here are some pics to keep you all interested! And not to worry, I've got some photos to work on! New posts cometh! Oh, I promise you!


  • Crop top - cut an old H&M dress
  • Maxi Skirt - Joe Fresh (on sale for only $10!)

  • Coral Maxi Skirt - $10 in Chi-town =)

  • White tank - La Senza (from years ago...goodness, I was still in University when I bought it)
  • Sleeveless Button-up - thrifted from Talize
  • Pink skirt - Street shopping in Seoul, Korea (about $5)
  • Leather frame bag (aka my beloved 'old lady' purse) - Club Monaco

  • Grey camisole - Forever21
  • Denim shorts - Forever21
  • Short-sleeved oxford button-up - Club Monaco menswear (boyfriend's)

  • Cashmere T - Club Monaco
  • Sleeveless Denim - DIY (cut the sleeves off of mum's old shirt)
  • Cropped Pants - Club Monaco
  • Black Flats - Urban Outfitters

*This is actually a dress that I tried on at Forever21.  I decided against buying it because it looked a little awkward on me...but it was only $12.50!!  Ugh...I should've just bought it for the sake of it.  =P  I snozzZzzed and lozzZZed.

  • White tank - Club Monaco
  • Denim Shorts - Forever21
  • Wedge Sandals - Forever21

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting, following! 
And follow my Instagram for more pics like these!...and also pics of the food I eat and the man I love ;) hehe.

Goodnight Darlings.


  1. Great outfits they all look great and plus they're not expensive.

    1. Thanks Farrah! I love a great bargain! <3

  2. Love your outfits, especially that pretty maxi and the floral dress! xx

    1. Thanks Rachel! Unfortunately I didnt end up purchasing the floral dress =(.

  3. Great outfits, I love your maxi skirts!

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  5. beautiful clothes I'm fall in love in flowers dress :)

    1. Thanks darling. Unfortunately I didnt end up getting the floral dress. Regret!

  6. i love the simplicity of your style; i really love the leather frame bag x


  7. Hey Lisina! Sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm gonna check out your blog right now =).