Thursday 27 December 2012

Eyes Lips Face

Hello darlings!  I hope you've all been enjoying the holidays season!  

So, I've recently purchased some things from e.l.f. and am just posting my haul to share with you guys. 

What I Bought:

I am pretty new to using makeup so I'm taking the frugal route and have decided that I am only going to use e.l.f. and other affordable brands like 'essence' and NYC until I get super comfortable and experienced with makeup. 

Anyway, click to view the haul!  Also, e.l.f. is having a BOGO sale until the end of December so be sure to check out their site if you've never.  But be warned...the prices are so DAAAAAANG cheap they'll suck you in.  

Have any of you guys been using e.l.f. products for a while?  What are you thoughts?  Let me know please!  I need insights as to which of their products are hits, and which are misses because I want to make another order soon!


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