Friday 29 March 2013

March Little Black Bag Haul + Pink Hair?

Oh, the pic quality?  This be straight from my instagrammin'.  Follow me! @thelittledandy =)

Hey lovelies!  Hope you've all been sailing through March through calmer storms.  I am SO ready for this month to be over.  Anyway, I am finally posting my March Little Black Bag haul for your viewing pleasure.
Lionel Kaley Satchel in Blush
I fell in love with this little satchel once I found out that the true colour was "blush" and not a white or cream.  She's a medium sized satchel that can be carried in the crook of your arm.  So cute!  Can't wait to pair it with some cute spring outfits to look perfectly cute & edgy...cedgy??  It could catch on..

Oh LAWDY, this bag!  This is the Via by Vieta Ribbed Box Tote in "beige".  To me, beige is more like a tan shade, and this bag's true colour is an eggshell or a cream.  I LOVE this bag.  She is super classy, pretty, proper, mature -- I can go on.  I wanted this bag sinply because, as boyish as lazy as I sometimes come off, I LOVE me a good lady-bag.  Structured and lady-like are definitely my weaknesses when it comes to bags.  I love this.  'Nuff said.

Ah, and this brings us to darling Breen.  Above is the Vieta Breen satchel in aqua.  I am so in love with the retro Jackie O vibe I get when I get all close to this bag.  She is super soft, big enough to carry my life, and just the cutest shade of blue.  I've recently been trying to broaden my horizon when it comes to handbags.  I've been playing it pretty safe until now with blacks, browns, and one adventurous red.  This will be my perfect spring/summer work bag because it's big enough to carry my laptop! *Yay*.  

Look forward to seeing each of these bags in future outfit posts! =)

Watch me unboxing all of the goodies!

A close up look of my favourite jewelry piece from this haul!

Love Nail Tree Heart Necklace

Anyway, the weather has been warming up here (finally!!).  Here's an impromptu super laid-back OOTD featuring the boyf's jacket.  Now that the weather is warming up, I'm super excited to do outdoor outfit shoots again!  And stay tuned for lookbook videos to come!  (Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!)

Now, in the spirit of SPRING, warmer weather, and the Easter's me with some fake pink pair =).  I used the InStyle Hair Style Try-On app and my iPad haha.  In all seriousness though, I've been REALLY wanting to dye my hair a lighter colour...I'm thinking blond, even.  Crazy??  What do y'all think of an asian blondie??  Let me know!  For real!

Happy Easter Everyone!



  1. hahaha so cool your pink hair hahaha and amazing purses! want them all!!!

  2. Omg1!! I loving your bags <3

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