Thursday 18 April 2013

Bare Necessity: The Striped Doman

This striped dolman top has become a relentless staple in my wardrobe (aaaand OF COURSE, it's striped).  It's one of those pieces that you know you can depend on when in doubt.  And by this I mean those mornings where I've slept-in and am scrambling about half blind and grabbing through clothes strewn across my floor.  In those times of need, this beloved dolman top is there.  If you haven't got a dolman style top, I highly suggest you invest in one!  And it's not even an investment, really; mine cost me just $5 from an underground subway station vendor in Seoul.  And I know these things are all over the interwebs for cheap.
I particularly love slightly oversized (duh) dolmans because, well, they cover EVERYTHING.  Bloated?  Taken care of.  Buffet brunch?  NO PROBLEM!  Paired with a fitted bottom, you will look effortlessly put-together.  Make your friends jelly-sauce.  Get a dolman top.  You're welcome ;).
Striped Dolman Top: Street Shopping in Seoul  |  Zipper Skinnies: Forever21
Ballet flats: Ardene  |  Studded Duffle: Little Black Bag
Boring Hair: unwashed  |  Bright Matte Lips: Joe Fresh
Top Knot: not time-consuming  |  Necklace: Forever21  |  Anorak Jacket: UGIZ Korea

Happy Thursday All!


  1. Your striped top is lovely Jo, it's the perfect staple piece!:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xx

  2. Love the bag!!! Me wantsss!!!!

    1. Thanks Aimee! I got it from Little Black Bag! =)

  3. You are very very beautiful and have amazing body shape! Kamo will work perfectly on you!!! And I'm sure you can make that image adorable! Don't have doubts! Go!:)

  4. I again left my google account:(

    so this is my new website

  5. You look amazing and very beautiful. Stripes are all in this season :)