Monday 3 June 2013

Toronto Etsy Springtime Marketplace

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This past weekend, the 4th Annual Toronto Etsy Street Team Springtime Marketplace took place at the Bathurst Centre (Bloor & Bathurst).  I have been a long-time lover (obsess-er?) of browsing jewelry shops on Etsy, but I've failed to ever actually order anything because I am just too gosh-darned lazy to set-up a PayPal account.  Okay, wait.  Truth be told: many moons ago I actually HAD an Etsy shop where I sold vintage bags and artwork.  I've since lost my password, and don't think my current bank account is still linked to that PayPal account.  I remember it being a bit of a tedious process to set one up, which is why I haven't created a new one...or tried.  Derp.

Black Iris; Coven; WildThingVintage; owls wake up; Nail Kandy; Jool; Navahaus; CandiWare; Pook & Thy
I dragged my sister out in the rain to come to this thing with me.  Unfortunately, [the rainy weather + my lack of a camera case] kept me from bringing my camera and taking some actually good photos at this thing.  Above are a handful of the cards I grabbed from the tables that I found most intriguing.  Please check them out and support Toronto artists and creators!

Nail Decals from Beyond the Nail.
Sadly, the only thing I bought at the Marketplace were these adorable press-on nail decals from Beyond the Nail.  I got some cute teal green triangles, and perfectly bad-a$$ (yet SO adorable) little white skulls.  They'll look awesome on my summer nail colours!  I'll be sure to post pics of them on :).


I apologize for the terrible lighting in advance, but check out some iPhone snaps below!

Black Iris
Beyond the Nail
The most delicious cookie I have EVER eaten.  Ever.  Where did you come from??

Goodnight All!

I'm so glad Monday is OVER :).



  1. Hey :) I'm Maddy from Beyond the Nail! Thanks for giving me your blog link! I love your blog so far. Can't wait to see your manicures with our decals on them ;)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
    [Beyond the Nail]

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Maddy! :). I always love meeting local bloggers and creators! <3