Monday 28 October 2013


It's HALLOWEEN this Thursday!  What are you dressing up as?  To be quite honest, I'm never GUNG-HO (spelling??) about Halloween, but my costume choices tend to always be a) very last minute b) have very minimal effort required and c) are usually character based, rather than in the vein of some sort of monster-like creature...

Anyway, as you know, I've been trying to put efforts into my YouTube channel as of late and decided 'why the heck not?!' to creating an 'Easy Halloween Costume Ideas' video!  Now, be warned that I have a tendency to be quite sarcastic, but I hope someone somewhere, who is just as lazy as me, will find these suggestions helpful.

And for those who'd rather not watch video, not to worry!  I've gone ahead and collected some screen shots for you.  Enjoy:


I was inspired by Lucy Liu's Charlie's Angel or Maggie Q's Nikita.  Makes sense because I'm Asian, right??  If you're not, I'd say just get a dark wig and fill in your  brows with a dark brow pencil and you're set! OR you can just go as a blond secret agent :).

Secret Agents are all about natural beauty and no-fuss make-up.  Keep it extremely natural in both the hair and makeup departments.  

Now, put on all tight & black articles of clothing that you own...

...and I'd say you're ready to kick some butt!


This costume idea was soley inspired by Adventure Time's Marceline (the vampire queen).  My boyfriend always notes the similarities in our appearances so I thought...'this should be easy'.  If you don't know WHO Marceline is, or if you don't watch Adventure Time, click here to get up to speed.  Basically, all you'll need are dark skinny jeans and a striped top to her look.

You could go as far as painting your skin a blue-grey and investing in those fake fang-teeth.  But y'all know I like to keep it simple.  Just  make your face as pale as possible (use your lightest foundation), and go ahead and draw on some fangs using an eye pencil.  Done!

In other news!  I've announced the winner of my POPBASIC Lost Micro Collection GIVEAWAY!  Congratulations to MADISONAURUSREX on YouTube! :)

Thanks to all who entered :). 

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Haha well I have no hair but also no Halloween here in Germany :/ What did you end up going as?

    1. I ended up going as a "cat" HAHA. Basically, the secret agent costume + a cat mask from the dollar store! hahaha ;).

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