Wednesday 22 January 2014

Winter Fashion Essential: Over The Knee Boots ft. VINCA Jewelry

Over-the-knee boots are something I've wanted for years - but we all know how difficult it is to find the perfect pair of boots.  There are so many things to consider, especially when you're deciding to invest in real leather.  Not only did I have to find a style that I liked, I had to make sure it fit well throughout the leg, and that it wouldn't break the bank.

When I found these Eliot Boots from JustFab's Luxe line, it was like the heavens had opened up and finally answered my prayers - it was too good to be true!  Typically, when you go to shops like ALDO or Brown's, a true leather over-the-knee boot will set you back somewhere between $200 - $300 bones.  These Eliot Boots were on sale for $89, PLUS JustFab was having a 'Fuzzies' promo, and I got a free pair of their 'Fuzzies' boots, too!  A serious steal!  Now, I'll admit that they're not my 'dream boot' (those would be either a pair of Alexander Wang's or Stuart Weitzmans…), but they've been serving their purpose quite well!  I've got an 'okay-fitting' real leather over-the-knee boot for under $100 - that's a serious score in my books!

Contrary to what some might think, these boots really do add an extra layer of warmth to your legs - not to mention, they keep you looking terribly chic during the cold season!  By now, you all know my go-to fashion get up: Oversized top + slim bottom.  The combination of bundling up on top, and then slipping on these boots has been working out quite well for me this winter!

The perfect accessory to complete this icy season has got to be this perfectly fun gems ring by VINCA. If you haven't checked out their line of accessories, I suggest you do!  Everything is perfectly witty - just the way I like..everything! Haha.  Lately, I've been on a heavy rotation of white/grey/black everything in terms of wardrobe and accessories.  New year, new style I suppose!

Hope everyone has been surviving Janauary - especially if you're in the cold like me!


  1. Oh wow untder $100.. what a steal!!

    1. Right?! I like to keep an eye on the JustFab Luxe line now! Just recently they had a sale and ALL of their leather shoes were 49.99!! Insane deals! :)

  2. beautiful ring!
    nice post

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