Thursday 13 March 2014

TBT: Summer Prints & ZARA Studs

This long-*** Canadian winter is killing me.  No, really - it is.  I think I have S.A.D.  You know, the disease of depression from lack of living in the sunny state of California?  Why, mother nature - WHY?!  Two short days ago we were basking in Spring bliss!  I was wearing sunnies and strolling around in Converse sneakers!  Yesterday we were hit with a mothaflippin snowmageddon, and today my disgusting fake 'uggs' (disclaimer: I got them for FREE with a JustFab order…don't judge me…) are soggy from the mounds of brown slush everywhere.  EW. EW. Ew…ew..ew.  Anyway, this post is a throwback - an ode to the season of sun, summer, and style (duh).

OMG I could almost FEEL the warmth while I was editing these photos.  I love this outfit, and I really want to wear it again!  Preferably now, but I'm assuming I'll have to wait since it seems hell has frozen over.  Completely.  And FYI - I love this button down printed short-sleeve!  I found it whilst scouring through my mom's closet of olde.  She actually has a matching skirt, but I thought long and hard and knew that adopting the matching skirt would be pushing it.

Anyway, behold one of my go-to bags.  I used it throughout Summer, Fall, and am still using it now during this (flipping cold) Winter!  Like I mentioned in my last post about wisely investing in leather handbags, this was definitely a wise investment.  I got it during ZARA's summer sale last year, and it was an absolute steal!  I think it was marked down to $39 or $49 (I really can't remember anymore) - for real suede it was an incredible price!  I love how it's roomy enough to carry EVERYTHING, and even has a closure inside to taper the top of the bag.  

A shoe shot for your viewing pleasure!  I snagged these during the same ZARA sale for $20! By now, though, I've kind of worn them to death and am on the market for a new pair of espadrille flats!  I've been so in love with the Chanel black and white lambskin espadrilles, but let's be honest, they're a BIT out of my price range.  Luckily, Little Black Bag recently released these Pour La Victoire Bailey Flats! They're not leather, but I am loving the colour combo and the price point!

In other news - it's World Master Card Fashion Week here in Toronto next week!  I couldn't be more excited because GUESS THE *FRICK* WHAT?!  I got invited.  I got invited to my very first runway shows!  Yes, showS!!  Multiple!  I'm over-the-moon with excitement and can NOT WAIT!  I'll definitely be posting my experience here on the blog :).

Hope these throwback summer photos warmed you up!


  1. I am so inspired by this look and you look adorable! :)