Friday 5 September 2014


Not sure why it took me so long to write this post.  Somewhere between working a full-time job, looking for a new job, and crafting on the side (I have a flea market coming up), I found it difficult to find the time to break this news to you all: I'M ENGAGED!!

Back in June, my boyfriend (now fiance) and I took our first-ever trip to Paris - it was divine!!  It was the first time in Europe for both of us, so we were really blown away by the beautiful-everything!  Not going to lie, coming back to the concrete jungle of Toronto was pretty depressing for a while.

Ryan and I visited most of the notable sites in Paris, including the beautiful Palace de Versailles where he proposed!  It was completely magical and I blubbered like a baby with tears of happiness (I'm such a soft-y sometimes!).  And I must say, he did VERY well with the ring!  He took the liberty to creep my Pinterest board to see exactly what I liked and wanted - whata guy!  It's a custom-made hexagon halo diamond engagement ring with the perfect amount of art deco flair and a vintage edge. Love!  I am over the moon with love and excitement for what's to come!

I don't want to bore you all with all of the details from the trip, but you can get the gist of it from the photos of video diaries below!  We had an amazing trip, and would love to visit Paris again some time!

Check out the rest of our #ryjotakeparis photos!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Best wishes to you both! Looks like you had the most perfect trip ever!