Tuesday 20 March 2012

I've been TAGGED.

Jana Katrina of My Vogue Obsession tagged me in this 11 Questions thing that has been floating around the blogosphere.  I've been at home cleaning all day (I'm trying to rearrange my temporary bedroom hah), so I thought I'd take a break and answer her lovely questions!

The Questions:

1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
Probably the length of my legs.  I find that they are rather short compared to the rest of my body, and jeans and pants never fit me right in the length!  2 extra inches in the legs...swoooooon!

2. Which style icon do you most look up to?
This one is pretty hard, as I have gone in and out of phases throughout the years.  At one point I was Mary-Kate Olsen obsessed.  At another point in University I was all about Nicole Ritchie.  I then went through an Edie Sedgewick phase.  I still adore the style of all these lovelies, and they have helped shape my personal style, but I will forever and ever keep Audrey Hepburn in mind.  Her simple and chic style is timeless. 

3. What is your worst pet hate?
I'm assuming this means my pet peeve when it comes to pets.  If I had a pet (which would most likely be a dog) my biggest pet peeve would be the cute pudge peeing and pooping all over the place before it learns to go outside.  However, since I don't have a pet, my biggest pet OWNER'S pet peeve is not picking up your dog's poop.  Seriously, have some decency!  Carry around bags.  Pick that s*** up and take it away!!  I hate walking down the sidewalk and nearly ruining a good pair of shoes due to someones lack of responsibility.

4. One makeup/beauty product you cannot live without?
I don't usually wear much makeup, and when I do it is quite minimal.  One thing I would DIE without is Smith's Rosebud Salve.  Till death do us part.  Seriously.

5. Which do you prefer more: Heels or flats?
Definitely flats.  Heels are gorgeous, but to be quite honest I can't really walk in them haha.

6. Where would you most like to travel to?
Europe. All over beautiful Europe.

7. What is your dream job?
My dream job would probably be doing this full-time.  I hope to become a really successful full-time style blogger one day =).

8. Are you a girl's girl or guy's girl?
I'm not quite sure what this means.  I am my guy's girl.  And I like to hang out with my girlfriends occasionally.

9. Where is your most favourite place to shop?
Abroad:  The streets of South Korea.  At home in Canada:  Thrift stores!

10. What do you do in your free time, other than blogging?
In my free time I'm usually laughing, eating yummy food, and cuddling with my boyfriend =).  When I'm not doing that OR blogging, I'm usually drawing, making things, doing my nails, or thrifting!

11. Favourite piece of clothing and why?
Tights.  They are super comfortable, and look great with almost anything!  I love the silhouette of a looser top and a fitted bottom a la Edie Sedgewick and Audrey Hepburn.  It always looks chic.

I am tagging...

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Here are your 11 questions!
1. When did you start blogging and why?
2. What would you say is the  most covered topic on your blog?
3. Do you prefer lace or studs?
4. What is your favourite meal of the day?
5. Single or taken?  Here you can gush to all of us about your current significant other! =)
6. Do you prefer pants and a shirt, or a sweet dress?
7. Are you a coffee or tea type of girl?
8. What state/province (and country) are you from, and what is your state/province best known for?  (You do not need to specify city!)
9. Can you justify spending over $1000 on a bag.  Explain.
10. How do you like your hair?  Long/short?  Bangs/no bangs? Dyed/natural?  Straight/curly?
11. If you could meet anyone in the world for a lunch date (and I mean ANYONE, dead or alive, famous or a hobo..) who would it be and why?

So I guess all you gotta do is mention & link whoever tagged you, answer the lovely questions, come up with 11 lovely questions of your own, and tag 11 wonderful people/blogs that you would like to get to know better, and let them know you did!  I think this is a great way for your followers and new readers to get to know you a bit better, and it's also a wonderful way to promote 11 blogs that you love!  Enjoy!



  1. thanks for tagging, dear :) seems like a great tag!
    the olsen's are FAB :) love them also!


  2. I saw this post on my blog update dashboard and I clicked on it to learn more about you. I would never thought you would tag me. Thanks so much! I will have to do it sometimes this week :) I am the same way as you! I went through a Mary-Kate and Nicole Rihcie obsession. LOL. love learning more about you :)


    1. Haha amazing! I'm so excited for your answers!! =)

  3. Thanks for the tag, I will participate this week to! I agree, nice to get to know the people of the blogs we follow that little bit more :-) Edie Sedgewick all the way :-) x


  4. Thank you so much for the tag! This is going to be so much fun to post. Such a great way to get to know you (:

    -Imani Love

  5. This was fun to read! I just played recently too :) I loved the questions you asked too! Now i'm going to have to stalk people to figure out their answers for "justifying spending 1000 dollars on a bag"-- good one!

    xo Rachel


  6. Love reading others answers and completely agree that Europe is the most amazing place to travel!

    Lacey xoxo

  7. aww thanks so much! When I'm with my Midterms I will participate :)

    Love your answers..


  8. Thank you for tagging me in this, I look forward to doing it!
    I also want to let you know that I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award :)
    Click the link below for more details!
    Versatile Blogger Award

  9. thank you for tagging me in this! i look forward to answering them once work subsides a bit :) loved your answers! xx

  10. What an amazing blog! :) I would like invite you to me :) Follow each other? =]

  11. This is a fun tag, great answers, I agree with you on stele icon Audrey Hepburn and on wearing flats.

    1. Yes, Audrey Hepburn is so lovely! =)

  12. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

    1. Thanks for following! I will follow you back =).

  13. Just to respond back to you, my fiancé Matt takes my photos and I take the others :)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  14. love the answers hun. hahaha definitely agree with you about blogging full-time. haha...if only?

    xx janak'trina

    My Vogue Obsession

  15. Hello, I have finally done my version of the 11 questions tag! Sorry it’s very late!! Hope you find it interesting! You can see my response here