Saturday 10 March 2012


Recently I've stumbled upon some incredible beautiful vintage pieces that I must show & tell!  
Yesterday I  went to a Goodwill and found...
  • Black & gold ox grain leather wallet - Goodwill ($4CAD)
This beautiful black and gold wallet.  There's no trace of a brand name on it anywhere, but it does say it is made of ox grain leather AND that it is made in Canada--Yay!  I love the gold detail on the front. 


In my city there is a huge thrift store called Talize.  It is very much like a Value Village in its size, and in the range of things that they carry.  The only perk about Talize is that all of their goods have different coloured tags, and each day of the week is a special discount day for a specific colour!  Here, I found...
  • Cream crochet cardigan - Talize ($7CAD)
There was no brand tag on this sweater, so I'm not sure where it's from--for all I know it could've been handmade by a pleasant old lady!  I love it!  It will be so perfect for the Spring weather...and to wear with some mint coloured skinnies which I've been on the hunt for...!

  • Claudia Ciuti loafers - Talize ($8CAD)
You may have seen these loafers in a previous post.  I had never heard of Claudia Ciuti before, but the tag said 'Made in Italy' so I knew they had to be a good find!  As soon as I got home I googled the brand which lead me here.  A shoe brand that is only available online, or in one of their two boutiques in New York!  I absolutely adore them!  They are real leather, and so cute and comfy!  I can't wait till the Spring weather so I can wear these everyday!  It's supposed to be 14degrees (celsius) tomorrow!! Woo!

Anyway, time for bed.  We lose an hour tonight =(.



  1. i love this! it's gorgeous, i want! lol


    1. Haha, isn't it?? I was over the moon in joy when I found it!! Hidden gem, really!


  2. heart the cardigan!

  3. Lovely cardigan:)<3

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  4. Love the wallet!! Great find. :)

  5. That wallet is great, I love it <3

  6. What great finds! I love the shoes x

  7. Yes, sounds wonderful =).

  8. the cardigan is awesome. i want to go thrift in canada now!