Friday 6 April 2012

Floral Skinny Love

I am in LOVE with these in love...

  • Speckled Fisherman's Pullover - American Apparel
  • Floral Print Skinnies - Zara ($60CAD!)
  • Cream Brogues - Street shopping in S. Korea
  • Croc bag - Vintage 
I feel like I  wear this twist scarf in my hair too often.  But is there such a thing??  To wear something you love TOO often?  Anyway, I am so in love with floral!  I want floral EVERYTHING!!  I was so excited to find these pants because they are quite similar to the Citizen's of Humanity floral skinnies that I had my eye on (which are way out of my price range)!  These were only sixty bucks!  And they fit like a dream!  They actually fit quite well in length (very rare for me and my short little legs), but I cuffed them because I wanted to show a little bit of ankle =).

I would like to apologize for not posting as often in the last week or so.  I'd been quite busy with a bunch of things (mostly getting ready for my little art exhibition).  But busy-ness is out of the way now!  And I am making room for lots of blogging =).  I'll be sure to get to everyones comments, and to visiting everyone's wonderful blogs!  And thank you so much to all of you for following and leaving such lovely comments <3.

In other news, I went thrifting again yesterday and bought two great brown leather bags!  My boyfriend found one of them for me...and it is BEEE-YOOOOO-TIFUL!  I'll post them soon!

Oh!  And I'm 2 followers away from doing my first GIVEAWAY!  I still haven't found the perfect chains for those charms I want to make necklaces I may be giving away a slew of Korean skincare samples.  Good ones!  



  1. Nice sweater!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  2. Love the floral skinnys!
    Claudia xxx

  3. I love the skinnies so cute :)

  4. The skinnies are so great! And I love your sweater too:) XX

  5. I love the pants, flowers are really cute.

  6. Super cute look. I need to buy a pair of floral pants!!!! You look so adorbz girl.

  7. I love those floral pants! I like how the floral prints are lightly coloured; making them very wearable. Now I want to go out and buy them too! :D

  8. You should be in love with those pants! So super cute!

  9. Adore the floral skinnies! Can't wait to see the stash you got while thrifting :) Also, thank you for following me, hun! xo, Megs

  10. loove the ribbon in your hair, might steal that idea ;)

    following u now, pop in to me @

  11. love the jumper!xx

  12. woweeeeeeee! I love your skinny's they're awesome! I love your outfit as well!

    I'm your newest follower, Maybe follow me back if you like my blog @

    Have a nice day, Rose x

    1. Oh p.s on your links to your pages at the top you have put OUFITS instead of OUTfits

      Rose x

  13. great outfit sweetie!!!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! The bow headband is TOO cute :D Also, I'm following you back ;) xoxo Jess

  15. I love those foral pants!! Love your blog also. I'm following you now, it will be great if you follow me back.

    Love, Shoua

  16. Wow those jeans are amazing :D love the floral <3

  17. gorgeous outfit, love, love, LOVE the jeans! and the scarf in your hair looks lovely, especially with the glasses! xx

  18. thank you so much for following!follow you back!
    ps*amazing look!!

  19. This is so cute, bow in hair is a perfect detail :)

  20. I really like your blog!
    Keep posting dear!!


  21. This is such a pretty jeans! I am waiting for mine to arrive any day in the mail!! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  22. Love that pants!

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  23. lovely outfit ! that pant are a must !!