Tuesday 29 May 2012


As of late...I CANNOT stay away from this striped tee...what makes it worse is that I have 2 of them.  It's just so comfy, and perfect for slim or super short bottoms!

My outfit of constant repeats...
  • Oversized striped tee - American Apparel
  • Black denim shorts - Forever21
  • Blue twist scarf - Street shopping in S. Korea ($1CAD)
  • Oversized red bag - Zara
(And if you haven't noticed...I can't stay away from this blue twist scarf or red bag either!)

It has been getting OH-SO-HOT as of late, and I'm more than happy about the transition from pants to shorts & skirts!  Until recently, I used to really hate shorts.  I would stay away from them--FAR, FAR AWAY!  I have, for many years and for as long as I can remember, really disliked the way that my body looked.  Oddly enough, summer has always been my favourite season though.  I can remember in years past where I would go the entire summer in long sleeves!  As cliche as this may sound to some of you, ever since my (seriously) wonderful boyfriend happened, I've had so much more confidence in myself.  I now love shorts!  (I can't say I'm completely comfortable in sleeveless tops yet though--working on it!).  Thank you Ryan for always telling me that my legs look perfect and not at all short, stumpy and gross--haha.  Embrace your beautiful bodies people!

I am pretty grateful that I am able to wear shorts to work, as I know a lot of professional work places don't allow anything much higher than just-above-the-knee.  To avoid looking completely tawdry though, I always make sure I pair my shorts with a looser/heavier top and a bigger bag to balance it all out.

Anyway, sorry for the boring ol' repeats in my outfits!  But you've gotta love that comfortable feeling of being in those pieces that you love most!  What're some of your favourite pieces right now??  Or what are some of your favourite things that are trending right now?

Hope you're all enjoying the heat!



  1. Agreed!! I always feel the best when donning my favorite items!! Super cute post, hun! xo, Megs


  2. Stripe tees are always my go to too! I just love em! Love the bag so cute!

  3. I love your striped tee, what a great casual chic outfit! Xx

  4. you don't need to stay away from that tee, it's sooo cute :) just like your post! xx


  5. Cute outfit especially with the headband!

  6. I want this bag!!! Great outfit. Xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit, stripes are just so wearable. I have a top just like that -I could wear it everyday if I let myself.

  8. cute outfit! i'm a new follower!
    would love it if you followed me back ^.^
    stay in touch<3

  9. aw, boyfriends really do now how to pep you up don't they :) and i think you look fantastic in shorts! and even though it's a simple tee, you made the whole look adorable with the bow head wrap thing haha i love it

  10. i like this outfit combo, very comfortable but cute.. and i like the head bow, u look so adorable!

    xo, Carla

  11. i have to say, stripes are my to-go shirts!!!! i love them!
    you look really lovely!


  12. This outfit looks lovely on you :D really like the top and shorts together!

  13. you look super cute :)
    I love your style!!


  14. I just stumbled across your blog, i love it. It's really clean and easy to read. If you get a sec, I have a new outfit post up, would love to know what you think!

    Your new follower, Eimear xx