Sunday 4 November 2012

Flowers in the Fall I

It's getting too cold too soon here in Toronto!  I'm crossing my fingers (and all of my toes--ew) that the mean ol' Canadian winter won't hit us too soon!  Give us some time to wear heavy cardigans and leather jackets for a BIT! I BEG OF YOU!  Ugh.  Anyway...

You all know how I love floral, so I'm making it my business to wear as much floral-y stuff before the super cold season hits--it's not like I have a floral parka, or floral boots (that, I'm working on).  Once the weather gets cold, I tend to go into dark/solid coloured fabrics mode.  I know, boring?  NON!  C'EST CHIC!  I'd like to think so anyway.  It's my easy way of staying warm and still looking O.K.

On an unrelated note: I found this bright red leaf and LOVED the colour so much I wanted it to be a lipstick...
...and then I stuck it on my lips, and it was perfect =).
So, to showcase my inner flower-child before I have to hibernate these prints for the season (because I regretfully do not live in sunny LA), I'll be posting a series of OOTDs starring one of my floral items.  Until I run out...which won't be long, because it isn't much...I...don't...think.  Enjoy!

Scarf: H&M // Cardigan: JOE Fresh // Dress, Bag, Boots: Street Shopping in S.Korea // Socks: FALKE

This friend.

Yeah, I dunno...I got a little Photoshop-Artsy here.  Bleh.

Thank you all for the lovely comments!  And for continuing to follow!  I'm trying my best to keep up with the blogosphere =).  Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!  My boyfriend and I have been spending our time hibernating from the cold/wet weather and catching up on Modern Family!



  1. I love this outfit, I'm uber jealous of your style x

  2. you have incredile style I love the cardign

  3. Love this outfit!! It's so nice =)

  4. This outfit is so cute, love that dress! xx

  5. Aha the leaf picture :D So cool you got the same sunnies! I'll definitely check your post out :) Thanks so much lovely ♥ Btw, just followed!

    1. Thanks Daysha! Leaves are the perfect lip shape! Hehe =).

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color on your lips.... so bright and refreshing for this time of year. Cute blog! xo

  7. nice look! i really like it! xo

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love it! xD Why don't we follow each other? Please let me know ;)

  9. Gorgeous outfit! Such a lovely blog xx

  10. I love the socks over the tights! One if my fav looks.. kind of sexy in a way cause it flatters a very important part of the female body, LEGS! Lol

  11. you are so pretty, Jo !!
    i love the whole style in here =)
    stylish fall look.. from head to toe..
    beautiful pictures as well..
    keep blogging ^^

    visit my fashion blog sometimes..
    hope we can be friend as a fashion lover =D

    ah, there's giveaway open internationally for now! =)

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment Winda =).