Wednesday 7 November 2012

Obama for 4 More Years!

Hi dearies.  I hope you've all been having a wonderful week!  The weather is cold and the days are getting shorter!  Congratulations to Obama last night!  Us Canadians are very proud to be living next to a country governed by a fair and smart man.
This is an outfit I wore on my boyfriend's 24th birthday back in March.  You can see the full post here.

I'm wearing a cropped cardigan from H&M that I got last year and absolutely love.  It's one of those things that H&M carries every year for $14.99.  This season they have a cropped pullover made of the same knit fabric.  I'm thinking of picking up a few to wear tucked into skirts!

The adorable dress I'm wearing is from one of my many shopping adventures in Korea a couple years ago.  I picked it up from a cute shop in the artsy university area of Seoul called Hong Dae (to get an idea of the area, you can watch this 'Gangnam Style' parody called 'Hong Dae style'...anyway, I digress..). 

The brogues are also a street shopping purchase from Korea.  I bought them from a street vendor in the popular shopping area Myeong-dong.  They are my first and only pair of brogues.  I remember when I was on the hunt for these, and I looked EVERYWHERE.  Finally I found these beautiful babies for just $20!  I absolutely love LOVE LOVE them, but they are so worn out I think it's about time I retire them.  From time to time I'll look over at them in my closet, all scuffed up and tired, and it cracks my heart a little. 

On a related note, I have been noticing that I have TOO MUCH STUFF!  And it really doesn't help that my closet in my new apartment is TINY! I think I'm gonna do a big clean sweep.  Stop being such a hoarder, and throw things out that are worn thin.  Donate items that I don't wear.  Sell things that are still worth something.  What have you guys done to clear out your closets in the past?? Let me know!  I need ideas!

Thank you all for the lovely comments!  And feel free to follow, as I'll be updating as much as I can =). 


  1. Obama!!! I was so happy yesterday!! Great outift btw!

  2. Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by yesterday....adore your dress, its the thing I would buy immediately if I saw it in store, sooo pretty!

  3. I'm in love with your dress, you looked cute :).

  4. Lovely look - the dress is so pretty! x

  5. Thanks so much Linde Lou! I will be visiting your blog =).