Saturday 1 December 2012

Just Fab does Canada!

GREAT news everyone!  I am so SO happy that Just Fab has opened up a shipment warehouse in Canada, and also a website geared to their canadian customers!  *YAAAAAYYYYYY!*

If you don't already know, Just Fab is a subscription online shopping site that offers you personalized style choices every month.  The site offers shoes, bags, jewelry and apparel -- and EVERYTHING is $39.95 if you are a member.  How it works is, from your very first purchase you gain VIP Membership from which then on you are charged $39.95 per month which basically means you choose a new item to buy on the 5th of every month.  If you aren't interested in anything that month, you can simply skip that month (and you can skip as many months as you like).  If you forget to log in and "skip" the month, you receive a credit of $39.95 on your account to be used later.

Anywhoots, I've been pretty obsessed with browsing Just Fab for a while now, but I could never get myself to COMMIT to buying anything and starting a subscription because I was afraid of shipping costs.  I got a newsletter from JustFab today announcing that they had just launched!  And naturally (of course) I decided to finally sign up for a membership and made my first purchase!  And I cannot forget to mention, that your first JustFab item is always 50% off-- say WHAAAAAAT??

A great thing about Just Fab (in comparison to other online shopping websites) is that they offer videos for you to watch with models walking about in the shoes.  This is a REAL help to me when shopping for boots because knowing how the boot will fit around the calve is very important to me.  Anyway, I've been looking for some tall boots for a long while now, and FINGERS CROSSED that these ones will fit me right =).  A couple months ago I ordered some over-the-knee black boots from and they were too big around the leg and I absolutely hated them.  Anyway, I'm going to blabber  more about online shopping in a later post!  I just wanted to share my excitement and first Just Fab purchase!

I got the Elenda boot for $19.95 before taxes and shipping.  And shipping was less than $7!! Yay Just Fab Canadian shipment warehouse!  So

Here are the other boot options that the Elenda was up against, but in the end (after much personal deliberation and review reading)...she won me over.

Martina Boot
Avanthi Boot
Melika Boot 
Oh and there are a TONNN of biker boots that I'm dying to order, too!  Anywhoots!



  1. ohh I love online window shopping, I'm just apprehensive about the sizing for shoes and buying online, either way boots look great!

    Following you :) our blog is hope you visit

    1. Hi Miranda! I felt the same way about buying shoes online, too. It's always a gamble, and I've only had to exchange once--all in all a pleasant experience! =)

      Thanks for following dear, I'll be visiting your blog now =).