Wednesday 28 November 2012

Fall Florals III

Finally an end to my floral-with-everything crusade.  You're all sick of it by now, I'm sure.  I wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago, and it was the perfect mix of some-what studious and terribly cute.  If I were still a student, I would wear this to class!  *sigh*  Sometimes I think about high school and university and what I wore back then.  These spurts of reminiscing usually end with a bad taste in my mouth.  I have always had an interest in clothes and fashion, but growing up my parents never had the money to buy me anything.  I always got *crappy* hand-me-downs from my older sisters.  When I did start to make my own money when I was 15, I shopped at the ever popular American Eagle (grooooooan).  Nearing the end of highschool and for the entirety of university I went through a weird emo-alternative-skater-indie phase.  This involved buddy holly glasses, studded belts, graphic tees, hoodies, beanies, skinny jeans and Vans -- all the while oggling at fashion magazines at Chapter's for hours.

As soon as I escaped the education system, I think I finally started to discover my mature girly inner self.  Haha.  Anyway...I digress.  Onwards (..or downwards) to the outfit I'd wear to class if I wasn't such an old stinky post-grad geezer...=).

denim button-up: American Apparel / pullover sweater: American Apparel / floral skirt: street shopping in Seoul
This is my favourite denim shirt.  And I have a lot of denim shirts.  I think I love this one so much because the denim is soooooo soft, and the colour is just the slightest blue making it way easy to pair it with anything.
Until recently I nearly forgot I had this pullover sweater.  Ryan got it for me last year.  This colour (oatmeal) has since been discontinued at American Apparel, but I've provided a link above where you can still get it in other colours =).

This skirt is by far one of the CUTEST things I bought in Korea.  I remember I kept seeing it EVERYWHERE, but just couldn't justify the price (a lot of street vendors were selling it for $60).  Finally, on my very last shopping trip I found a street vendor who was selling it for just $45.  Knowing it was my last chance, I HAD to get it.  I can't really say I got my money's worth though.  As cute as it is it's QUITE poofy, making it rather difficult to wear in a casual fashion.  No matter--I still love it!

Also note:  I've been experimenting with watermarking my photos; what do you guys think?  A girl I follow on Instagram started doing this because someone was reposting her photos without sourcing her.  This hasn't happened to me (tumblr doesn't count because everybody reblogs), but if it did I'd be pretty cheeeesed!  Anyway, what do you guys think?  DO you think it's necessary to watermark your own photos before you post them?  I mean, it's good insurance...but I can't help but feel that it ruins the photo a bit =P.  Anywhoots...

oversized red bag: Zara
 I love this bag.  If you've been following me for a while, you'll recognize this as one of the purchases I made in the summer.  This bag was only $29.99 as part of Zara's basics collection.  I love the bright pop of red that it brings to any outfit.  And it's sooooo roomy, which is always a big plus to me.  I was concerned about how skinny the strap was, but I've carried a laptop around in it before, and it still hasn't snapped!  Thumbs up for now...
oxblood loafers: B2 by Brown's
And finally these shoes.  THESE SHOES, these shoes, these SHOES!  I grew up reading Nancy Drew mystery novels, and so obviously have my fair imagination of her penny loafers.  I fell in love with these when I saw them at Brown's last year, and Ryan got them for me for my birthday (yes, the same birthday at which be gifted me this locket).  I love the oxblood colour of them.  Deep red is a colour that I really don't see going out of fashion any time soon.  Invest!  In something!  Anything deep red!

In other news...

If you hadn't already read about in my previous post, I won the IFB Project #71 #seetheworld Lookmatic contest!  I've won $1000 of glasses for the year!  Yayyyy!

What else to update on...OH!

I'm thinking about starting to do videos...What do you all think of this?  Really!  Please do give me your input!  It's something I've wanted to do for AAAAGES, but have just never had the nerve or the necessities to do it.  Now that I know my boyf can take video for me, we've been making all these fun plans to shoot video!  So let me know if it's something you'd be interested in seeing!

Happy Wednesday Humpday everyone!



  1. This outfit is perfect. It's just the right amount of casual/messy and put together/classy. Love the loafers! Let me know if you'd like to follow each other-- love you looks, mama!


  2. I love this outfit, you look so beautiful:)

  3. You look so gorgeous!! Love the florals, and your shoes are just amazing!!
    Love your outfit as always Jo!! :) Xx

  4. Cute! Love your skirt and shoes :)

  5. I absolutely love this outfit, so simplu pretty, cute and elegant. You look amazing. Actually this is the first time i'm visiting your blog and it seems to be pretty awesome. I LOOVE your sense of style and ideas and how you share them with us. Well, you have a new follower. I invite you to know my blog. I'd love to get your visit since i need views and followers. So if you can and have time please visit,I'd be grateful. Thank you in advance :)


    Don't Know How To Name It

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Elena! I'll be sure to visit your blog =).

  6. this is a really adorable skirt! :) loving the lace trim at the bottom.

    1. Isn't it adorable?! That's exactly what sold it for me hehe =).

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog it was so nice to see! I love the loafers in this look. I think that those style of shows look particularly great with a skirt and tights! xx

  8. this is so gorgeous, did you DIY this skirt?

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    the casper&pearl blog

    1. Hello darling! I mentioned in my post that I purchased the skirt whilst street shopping in Seoul, South Korea =).

  9. Extremely cute skirt Jo! And yes you should do videos:)

  10. Oh me goodness your style. SO lovely! Love the loafers.

    Greta xoxo