Friday 11 January 2013

Ford Models leaving Toronto!

*Screen shot image of Toronto's Ford Models.

Yesterday I found out that Ford Models was shutting down their Toronto office through Twitter.  I've read so many articles that, by now, I completely forget how I even stumbled upon the link.

Anyway, not a lot of info has really been divulged as to WHY they've decided to leave us.  Every article I've read has been similar in saying that it's pretty much just a big surprising bummer!

According to every single article I've read, the decision was made by Ford's New York City office who have yet to reveal any reason.

Not that I'm involved in the modeling industry at all (wouldn't that be nice?  Curse my not-tall..ness and wonky eye-holes), but I for some reason feel a bit let down by this.  Ford is such a big name in the modelling industry, and it was just so COOL to have them in the Toronto scene.  They gave Toronto's fashion industry some serious street cred.  Their up-and-leaving us just seems like a drop kick to the face that says we're just not cool enough anymore.

When I first moved to Toronto (at the ripe age of 21) I volunteered at Fashion Week and it was an amazing experience.  It was unreal to just see how everything works in the fashion world.  The models in real life (like unicorns, really), the glitz & glam, the runway -- all of it.  Awesome.  I felt like I had come to a city that was totally immersed and up-to-speed in the industry.  It was like the OPPOSITE of what I experience when I watch a horribly made Canadian movie on TV and just think to myself, "Oh gawd, is this Canadian??" (I actually have a love for Canadian movie and television, what I'm trying to express here is that there IS a big noticeable difference in aesthetics and execution).

A lot of talent comes from Ontario (think Daria Werbowy, Jessica Stam, Heather Marks, Linda Evangelista Shalom Harlow and Coco Rocha just to name a few models...but you can't forget all the actors and musical artists as well!), so I just can't seem to understand the reason for Ford leaving us, but I guess that will all be revealed in due time.  Ford will be officially closing their Toronto office at the end of this month.  Sob.

Read an article here, or just Google it to find out more.

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