Wednesday 9 January 2013

Julep Maven Beginner Box!

Last month I wrote this post about how I had manically subscribed to a slew of beauty boxes to start 2013 with an element of surprise.  Since then I received my December 2012 Glossy Box, and two Julep Maven boxes!  *Yayyyy*.  Now, there is much to be said about all, but that can wait.  For now, I want to show you guys my first Julep Maven Box!

Clockwise from top: Nail Polish in the colour Jodie; Nail Polish in the colour Alfre; Julep roll-on nail & cuticle oil; 2 pots of glitter.
Unlike the other beauty box subscriptions, the first box you receive as a Julep Maven is the Beginner Box (I'm not sure if you can opt to just receive a regular box...and if you can, I wish I had...).  Above is what I got in the "Classic with a Twist" beginner box!

Left: two coats of Alfre  |  Right: two coats of Jodie

To be quite honest, I wasn't blown away by Julep.  At nearly $25/month (including taxes) it just doesn't seem worth it to me.  I mean, it's just nail polish right?  Putting my personal disappointment with the subscription aside, I do think it's great that all of their products are toxin-free (no parabens) and that a portion of their earnings goes to a charity that supports women (Excerpt from their packaging: "Julep is powered by Girlfriends.  We donate a portion of proceeds to organizations that support women.").  What exactly the organization is...?  I know not.  But that is all good and..good I guess.  

Anyway, to see me animated click to watch my show & tell video below! =)

Whuddya guys think?  Are any of you subscribed to Julep?  Yay or Nay?



  1. really nice products :)

  2. If their products are paraben free then it's probably expensive! Which would justify the $25 box? Hopefully you'll like what's in your next julep box! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

    1. True true! I did receive my January box and will be sharing it soon!

  3. jo! i subscribed to your channel :D

  4. I personally like Julep, overpriced though.

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    Xo Amy

    1. I agree on the steep pricing -- beautiful colours though. =)