Thursday 7 March 2013

Little Black Bag: Spring Fever

By now you all know two things:  I am excited for Spring 2013 (who ISN'T. We're all sick of this cold weather, I'm sure) and I am completely and utterly obsessed with Little Black Bag.  I've been taking serious advantage of the trading game and scoring items that I absolutely need.  Right now my must haves are lighter hued accessories for the upcoming Spring/Summer!  Throw 'em my way!  Till now, all of my bags have been black or brown (save for ONE red oversized bag from ZARA).  I really wanted to get a classic white bag for the coming season. Well, I got THAT white bag and more!  My March LBB just closed today and here's what I ended with...

Lionel Kaley Satchel in Blush; Deux Lux King Zip Pouch in Platinum; Vieta Breen Satchel in Aqua

Flea Market Girl Swirl Ring; skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist; Catherine Stein Designs Earrings

skyn ICELAND Icelandic Releif Eye Pen; 'ZAD Peter Pan Collar Neckalce; Linea Pelle Leather Bracelet

Love Nail Tree Heart Necklace; Via by Vieta Ribbed Box Tote in Beige
I can't wait to pair these bags with some beautiful neutral looks!  I'll be sure to film an unboxing video, as well as take some styling photos (and maybe a style vid) as soon as I get this gigantic box of goodies in the mail!

Oh, and I have yet to post my February Little Black Bag unboxing, as well as photos of all those goodies.  I'll be sure to do that soon!

If you'd like to come trade with me on Little Black Bag, you can use my referral link here.  (I would really appreciated it, but no pressure to use my link!!)  OR you can simply visit their website here.

Happy Thursday lovelies!



  1. This is interesting! I've seen other bloggers using this website as well, I think I'll have to check it out sometime soon!

    The Lovely Memoir

    1. Definitely check it out Lisa! It has quickly become one of my favourite sites! But beware darling because it is truly soooo freaking addicting haha!

      <3 Jo

  2. this is a unique idea. i love it, i'll be sure to check it out! x