Tuesday 5 March 2013

March Madness; Craving Neautrals for Spring/Summer 2013!

Alright, so it's FINALLY happening.  The snow has begun it's melting process.  The sun has started to break out of its shell and show us some dang confidence.  Spring is coming!  As much as I loved hibernating in my dark --heavy-- clothes, I too, like the sun, am ready to break out and shed some light!  I am INCREDIBLY excited for Spring 2013!  Now, I'm no seasoned fashionista, or runway now-it-all.  All I know is, I'm ready to wear some light airy colours and fabrics.  Enjoy my style collages!  I hope they inspire you, too <3.

Spring Neutrals

Spring Neutrals by thelittledandy featuring white tops

All of the above tops are absolutely ADOOOORABLE!  I'm going to have to hunt own the likeness of each and every one!  Can't wait to pair tops like these with light denim skinnies, or faux leather-ish leggings.  I'm also hoping to get some sort of beige/khaki skinny pant (hopefully a pair that won't make me look naked on my bottom half HAHA!).

Spring Bottoms

Spring Bottoms by thelittledandy featuring skinny leg jeans

This year I'd like to invest more time and money into hunting down the PERFECT pair of thrifted denim to turn into the PERFECT pair of high waisted shorts.  Rest assured, this will be documented on the blog =).

Spring Frocks

Spring Frocks by thelittledandy featuring a sleeveless dress

As boyish as I am, I can't help but feel my heart go a'flutter when I see a pretty dress.  Where would I even go in a dress?  Who cares.  Love all these!  

Spring Shoes

Spring Shoes by thelittledandy featuring h&m

I need to find the perfect pairs of nude pumps and nude flats.  Good pairs this time; pairs that will last me a lifetime =).

Spring 'It' Bag

Spring 'It' Bag by thelittledandy featuring nude clutches

Lately, I've been obsessing over LIGHT coloured bags, and clutches.  Lusting over them, actually.  I've been trading on Little Black Bag obsessively to have my fill!  I've already got the perfect pink studded clutch, and a cute pale bag on the way.  I can't wait!

I've also been feeling very inspired by Ella Fitzgerald lately.  Did she wear a lot of neutrals and pastels?  I, for some reason, feel like she did.  Anyway, I'll just leave you with this...

Who else is excited for Spring??



  1. Oo yes I'm loving neutrals as well! But I live on the opposite side of the planet so autumn's coming my way *lesigh*

    xx Janice, whimxy.blogspot.com

    1. Spring will come eventually! =) When I complain about next winter, you'll still be enjoying some warmth where you are =).

  2. I'm so excited for S/S. As much as I love colors, I love neutrals just as much. When I think neutrals, I think classy and elegant, and wearing it also keeps me from being cranky from the heat during those hot summer days. :)

    xx PH

    1. I totally agree PH! We're definitely on the same page when it comes to neutral shades. They make me feel light, airy, and happy =).