Tuesday 30 April 2013

Leather: Vrai ou Faux?

It's officially spring here.  Or is it summer?  For the past few days we've had temperatures near 20degrees celsius!  Mayhaps Mother Nature has comme'd des fudge down from her bipolar weather-fit, and we can finally enjoy some warmth and sun here in Toronto.  This means, we can finally put our winter layers away for store without feeling like we're being premature (I hope..).

Jacket: F21 | Top: Club Monaco | Jeans: Korea | Booties: GoJane
I got this faux leather jacket from F21 last Fall, and have been DYING to wear it since, and it's finally THAT time of the year when I can.  Between the freezing cold winter and the burning hot summers here in Toronto, there is a very small and precious window of time where light jackets can be worn.  Bring on the leather -- NOW.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on faux leather?  I don't think I ever realized the cost of true leather until I became a hard-working, money-earning (and, obviously, super-responsible), 'adult'.  I find myself drooling over real leather jackets and bags, and then having to truly consider the investment.  If I think it's just a 'trendy' piece, I opt for a cheap faux leather alternative.

These shades have quickly become my favourite.  Last year I won a blogging project on Heart IFB and my prize was a years' worth of glasses from Lookmatic.  These are among the pairs that I've ordered so far.  I particularly love these because I'm such a sucker for Cateyes and unique details.  The upper half of these sunnies are wrapped in real leather.  Mmmmm..love.
Shades: Loeffler Randall for Lookmatic | Ring & Necklaces: F21 
Pink Mazzie Clutch: Lionel Handbags from Little Black Bag
I posted my obsession with this pink studded beauty a while ago, and that love has not yet faded.  This faux leather clutch is actually my first ever clutch.  She's my first, and I'll love her forever! (or until the next best thing comes along?)

Watchu' know about eyebrows?!
Anyway, tonight I'll be dog sitting my sister's pomeranian and staying up late for Little Black Bag's May new releases!  Pretty sure there was a phone bill I had to pay somewhere...

Happy Tues All!



  1. Jo, you look CHIC! Love it.

  2. Kim I love your blog, the article and everything you're stylin' is super chic. You have a great sense of fashion

  3. Pretty color combo - I love a light pink / almost nude color paired with black. so classic.
    The Fashionable ESQ., (Esquire)

    1. Thank's The Fasionable ESQ -- I must check out your blog! :)

  4. Dude! I love your outfit and your pants! Where are they from? If you wrote it in the blog, I didn't see it! hahahaha

    1. Thanks Lindsay! The pants are actually from Korea!! :)