Monday 1 April 2013

Pastel Syle: Just in time for Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed a long weekend filled with family, food, and sunny Spring weather.  The sun finally broke through the snowy clouds of Toronto this past weekend, and the boyf and I were able to walk around the city jacket-free.  Let me repeat that.  JACKET-FREE!  I don't want to get over-dramatic, but it was truly liberating.  I felt like a lazy hibernating bear that just got shaved...or something.  What??  Hmm..

Needless to say, after shedding my winter layers, I carpe-freaking-diemed and jumped at the chance to wear a bunch of pastels and dress up like an Easter egg.  (And rightfully so as it snowed today. Oh, thanks Mother Nature of Canada-land...).

Anyway, some photos for your viewing pleasure...

Cardigan: Thrifted  |  Camisole: Forever21  |  Floral skinnies:  Zara

Ballet flats: Ardene

Vieta Breen Satchel: Little Black Bag

Feather Stone Ring: LBB  |  'R' Heart Ring: UO  |  Studded Bracelet: Linea Pelle from LBB

Necklace: Forever21

Hair: Laziness

Face:  The Boyf snapped a burp...teehee?


  1. The color scheme of this outfit really is perfect for Easter. I haven't gotten to play with pastels yet, but I am excited to as it is a big hit for the Spring! :)

    - Christine

  2. Great outfit it's not overly pastel but just the right amount. I really like the cardigan it looks so comfy!

  3. Hm I can almost taste Easter eggs just by looking at these photos - is that weird? HAHA! You're looking so lovely! xx

  4. Love the pastels,you did such an amazing job! xx

  5. Love the pastels, you look really lovely Jo! Happy Belated Easter <3 xx

  6. Your rings are amazing!!! I really love your style! =D [spanish and english blog]