Friday 10 May 2013

Look to Try: The Great Gatsby

Call me obsessed, but who isn't?  The new Great Gatsby film has got my eyeballs drooling!  I am in absolute LOVE with Mulligan's Daisy look in this film.  It is perfect.  All I want to wear right now are drop waist dresses and headbands.

This weekend I have a wedding to go to, and since I am SO feeling the Gatsby bug, I wanted to try out an inspired look.

Back in the 20's, regular women were just starting to wear makeup.  That being said, they obviously did't have as wide a selection of product to choose from like we do today.  This look is simple.  You can do it with what you have --no need to go out and buy anything!

Keep your skin pale and fair --and use a powder.  Stay away from bronzers --this didn't exist back then!  Lips should be kept red or even a darker plum at best.  There were no oranges or bright pinks during this time.  And cheeks were blushed with a simple pink.  Brows can be filled in, but very well groomed and elongated if you're truly committed.  And the eyes should be smokey.  If you're lucky enough to have any beauty marks on your face, feel free to enhance your favourite one with black eyeliner!

I LOVE this look.  And am so loving how simple it is.  I don't want to go TOO literal for the wedding I'm going to this weekend (err...don't want to show up in costume or anything), so I'll be skipping the lipstick, and opting for a sparkly headband for that extra 'Gastby' punch (in the face).

Whaddya'll think?  I think I may wave my hair on the day of.  Pics of the final look will def be on Instagram, so follow if you've got it!  @thelittledandy

Hope you try this look this weekend!  And who's going to see Gatsby tonight??  


  1. cool hw u can transform the gatsby look on you.

  2. Digging the inspired Gatsby look. I LOVE the roaring 20's era!! :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA