Tuesday 21 May 2013

Tuesday Ramblings: Stripes & The Boyfriend Jacket

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I'm hoping you all enjoyed your long weekend (if you had one).  Over the weekend, Canadians celebrated Victoria Day (better known as the May 2-4, and more formally known as Queen Victoria's birthday...is that chick still alive??).  Myself?  I didn't have the best of weekends.  While it was nice to have that extra day away from the office, it wasn't all rainbows and lollipops.  I didn't partake in any expensive ventures, or lush parties.  No need to get into details, but I've had better days.  Sometimes life just likes to kick the chair from under your feet.  And all there is to do is flip it the bird, groan, and then get over it and move on.  I'm sure SOMEONE reading this can relate.

Anyway, lets get away from negativity and look at some clothes :).

In an effort to keep up with my outfit posts, here's a look that I've been loving, but won't be able to wear for long:  Stripes & The Boyfriend Jacket.

Jacket: Suit from Model Citizen  |  Bag: Streetlevel from Little Black Bag  |  Scarf: H&M
Behold, quite literally, my boyfriend's jacket.  I've pretty much adopted it into my wardrobe as my own, and upon receiving slews of compliments I'm always sure to respond with "oh, this ol' thang?  It's my boyfriend's".  The responses are equally shocking as they are amazed.  Who doesn't want to cozy into something that belongs to their sig-O?   Ryan -- THE boyf -- bought this jacket a couple years ago at a store in Kensington called Model Citizen.  If you've never been, you should check it out.  They carry both women's and men's apparel, but in my honest opinion they are better at menswear.  They're stock consists of everything a cool guy wants to wear.  Srsly.  Ladies, beware.  Men, take note!

Shades: Kitty by Loeffler Randall for Lookmatic  |  Stripes: ZARA  |  Skinnies: Forever21
Above I'm clearly making a tremendous effort to look like a Parisian Mime.  Sometimes, life...happens...in public..places.  On a more semi-serious style-related note: I am officially obsessed with stripes and red lips -- together.  I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I honestly lost count of how many striped shirts I have.  However many it is, it's far too many for an average (pretty much broke) girl like me.  (Note to self: spend less money on stripes...and more on lipstick?  Er...vegetables.  Vegetables, yes..).

Lips: Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Melon  |  Necklace & Earrings: Forever21

Have any of you been wearing a white mani lately?  A year ago I would've thought this looked like a really unfortunate white-out accident.  10 years ago I would've believed this was a truly great way to spend my time in math class.  Right now, though?  I'm loving how a good white polish can give your hands a clean bright look.  Perfectly fresh for Spring!

Hope you all had a much better weekend than I did, and here's to the week ahead!  
Life moves on, so let's enjoy it in our dandy best!


  1. Love the jacket and the shoes <3

  2. I've never seen your boyfriend in the jacket, but I definitely think you rock it with your French mime outfit better. Love the bold lips too!


    1. Thanks Sabrina! I have been loving bold bright lips so much lately!:)

  3. I haven't tried thee white mani yet but you totally rock and I must do it soon now

  4. That jacket is amazing. And I agree on the white mani, it's different but looks very good with most skintones! x


    1. Thanks! I totally agree. The white mani is unsuspectingly awesome! ;)

  5. I love this outfit, everything about it! So trendy yet classic at the same time, does that make sense?! Haha! And I'm the same with white polish, I used to hate it but I'm starting to grow a liking to it!


    1. Thanks for this lovely comment talisbury! And I totally agree about the look and the white polish ;).