Wednesday 19 June 2013

DIY: Thrifted High-Waisted Shorts + YouTube

It's finally here!  My DIY for thrifted high-waisted shorts!  A couple weeks ago I posted my Talize Thrift Haul which included a bunch of thrifted high-waisted jeans.  I mentioned that I'd be cutting them all into the PERFECT shorts for summer!  I finally found the time to go at 'em with a pair of scissors.  And just in time for the first day of Summer :).

These black Penman's jeans are by far my absolute fave.  They've faded to the perfect black; are you seeing how cool they look??  I'm going to say that a good pair of black high-waisted denim shorts are a MUST this summer.  SCOUR YOUR LOCAL THRIFT SHOPS LADIES!

These are the WAFEBOYs.  They sit the highest on my waist out of all of the pairs.  They're also the most fitted.  I get a real vintage 50's Pin-Up Girl vibe when I slip into these.

Levis!  Who doesn't love Levis? This pair sits the lowest on my waist.  They are a super relaxed fit, and  I wanted to keep with the relaxed feel of these and cut & cuffed them just enough for some pocket lining to peek through.  These look AMAZING with a basic white tee or tank.  LOVE!

These come in close second in my heart as far as my favourites go.  I think what swoons me the most is the button fly.  They are the perfect light denim.  I'm also itching to get some cute crop tops to pair with these!  Ugh!  (love...)

Click the 'play' to watch my DIY video! 

And now for some artsy fartsy-ness...



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    1. Thanks Hayley! Those are my fave! :)

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