Tuesday 11 June 2013

Spring Style: Flowers & d'Orsay Flats!

The weather has been a bit eratic lately (as expected).  In Toronto, "Spring" does not exist.  It is this made-up season between Winter and Summer where people are in denial of how ignorant Mother Nature is to our longing for consistent heat and sunshine.  You'll see the sun shining and people trying (and trying SO very hard) to pull off short sleeves while the wind blows arctic temperatures in our faces.  You'll feel hot breath-less stale air and the relentless effort of short sleeves and sandals, and Mother Nature dumps a heavy monsoon unto its peoples.  Why.  WHY?!

During this awkward season-changing time from April to June, Torontonians need be ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw at us.  Honestly, it was just shorts-and-tshirt weather the other day, and today was all-day chilly with rain.  WTFUZZ??

Anyway, a piece I've found rather useful during this time is my grey knit bat-wing (albeit, dolman-sleeved) cardigan.  I got this on one of my street shopping ventures in Seoul.  It's perfect for those sunny/chilly type days.  Behold my Spring-ish look!

I know floral prints are overplayed for Spring; they're everywhere all the time.  But, I just can't help myelf!  This floral tee is easily one of my favourite things.  I bought it at the night-time market in Seoul (DongDaeMun) more than 2 years ago!  I have worn it on the regular ever since.  Ignore what Karl Lagerfeld tweeted a couple years ago about florals being only for frumpy old ladies!  (For the record: I am a total Lagerfeld fan.  Everything he says is a genius that I, in some way, find hilarity in.)

Though it is getting warmer, I'm having a hard time letting go of my beloved black leather-ish leggings.  They're not made of leather.  They're not even made of faux leather.  (If I were at home right now, I'd take a look at the tag to tell you what they're actually made of.)  They're made of some kind of matte fabric that has some sheen to it.  Does this even make sense?  Matte-shiny-miracle-leggings?!  Anyway, I love them.  They are super comfy and so badass.  They're something perfect about the marriage between a sweet floral print and a bit of "leather", dontcha think??  On another note, I'm sure people are convinced that these are the only 'pants' I own...as I've made a habit of wearing them way too often.  I should probably do the laundry.

Leggings from Ardenes
Studded Duffle by Street Level from Little Black Bag
r-l: H&M; gojane.com; UO; F21; independant korean boutique
d'orsay flats from gojane.com
Thor the Pom (my sister's hound)

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