Thursday 4 July 2013

Nail Wraps: The Easy Peasy Lemon-Squeezy Edition

Hello my Lovely Dandies!  Hope your Wednesday fairs well.  Some of you seemed genuinely interested, so I've filmed a quick Nail Wraps How-To "tutorial" for your viewing pleasure!  For those of you who feel inclined to read rather than Step-By-Step is below...

What You Need:

  • Hands...with nails...on them.  (If this is a problem, you may want to consult a physician.  As it is quite unusual to only just discover that you do not have nails.  *Awkward*.)
  • Nail Polish Remover (to remove old yucky polish)
  • Cuticle Removing Accoutrements (These are the secret weapons to having beautiful hands people!  Cuticle dissolvers, pushers, trimmers, etc)
  • Emory Boards or Nail File (to shape your nail...if you don't care about the shape of your claws...then whateves, skip this!  ...You'll also need an emory board/nail file to remove excess nail wraps if your kit doesn't come with one)
  • Base Coat (I highly suggest you DO NOT use the base coat that I am using in the video.  As mentioned, it is terrible)
  • Top Coat
  • Cuticle Oil (again, optional.  If you don't want beautiful soft cuticles, then you can skip this as well as please don't touch me.  Ew...jk haha).
  • Nail Wrap kit (should include at least one set of nail wraps and an emory board/nail file)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Clean and Prep Your Nails
Remove all polish from nails and then proceed to push and trim your cuticles.  Shape your nails if need be.  Give your hands one final wash!

Step 2:  Apply a Base Coat
This is self explanatory.  Apply one coat to your nail and allow to dry.

Step 3: Pick Your Wraps
Check out the nail wraps you're using.  Size them up to the size and shapes of your nails.  You'll  be surprised that more often than not, you don't have to mess around with trimming the edges of the wraps to fit your nail bed if you've done a good job grooming your cuticles.

Step 4: Apply Nail Wraps
Once you've chosen the perfect size for your nail, carefully apply the bottom of the nail wrap as close to the centre of your cuticle as possible.  Then, proceed to press down on the nail wrap from the bottom of your nail bed to the top (from cuticle to nail tip).  Firmly press along the edges of your nail to ensure that there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 5: Trim off Excess
Using your scissors, trim off the excess nail wrap.  I like to save these for future nail art projects, so I stick the excess back on the plastic backing of the nail wrap sheet (I'm also kind of a pack-rat, so....).  To each their own, though.

Step 6: File Edges
File downwards along the edge of your nail to get rid of any excess nail wrap.  This will ensure a smooth and 'perfect' fit!

Step 7: Apply Top Coat
Once you've filed away any excess, and your nail is perfectly wrapped, simply apply a top coat.  Allow to dry and you're done!  Admire your lovely nails :).

Step 8:  Show Your Cuticles Some LOOOOOVE (Totally optional.  If you hate your cuticles, it's really none of my business...)
Once your top coat has dried, apply a generous layer of cuticle oil to your cuticles.  Let your thirsty-arss cuticles drink up and prepare to have the awesome-est nails EVERRRRRR!



  1. epps!! love love love thanks so much for posting this video!! :) going to try it now hehehe!

  2. wooow, thank you so much for sharing this. I never heard of this before, but I absolutely love it now. I'm going to buy me some and try it out :)


    1. I hope you do! It really is so very easy! Let me know how it goes :).