Monday 19 August 2013

Weekly OOTDs: Summer 1

Hi ALL!  I know I've been away for about a month, but life HAPPENS!  To make up for it, here's a real treat for ya:  VIDEO!

I'm trying to utilize my YouTube channel a lot more because -- well...I freaking love YouTube!  I think I spend most of my time online watching hours of YouTube videos, so I thought I may as well make my time on there useful and give something back to the crowded noise of the internet video world.

Before now, the videos on my channel have kind of been a random mixture of hauls and how-tos -- I NEED ORDER IN MY LIFE!  Everyone appreciates a little bit of a schedule, right??  I've decided to commit to uploading 1 video per week that recaps my weeks-worth of outfits from the previous week (did that make sense??).  I feel like it will be a very condensed version of 5 outfit posts on the blog...but in a short video --BOOM!

I want to give my viewers a quick bite of casual (and very affordable) outfits that can easily be worn to school or in a laid-back office environment.  In no way do I want these videos to be all, "oh hey, look what I wore.  You should also wear this because I said so," ---NO! No, no, NO!  I just hope it can give you all some easy outfit inspiration.  I'm all about casual, laid back, and COMFORTABLE outfits!

One video per week.  It shouldn't be too hard, right??  And I'll continue to throw in an occasional haul or how-to video as well.  

Enjoy the video, and I hope you'll subscribe! 

Happy Monday! <3


  1. Fun video! I'm loving your lace H&M top and I really need to try cuffing my sleeves.

    Yes Han Hyo joo was in Shining Inheritance and I totally agree that she's sooo pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Thanks Rowena! I look forward to seeing your sleeve-cuffing action! <3

  2. Hello there fellow Canadian! Love the outfits! I wish I had the courage to make youTube videos ! I'm always like.. damnnn I wanna make one.. and then..nah I'll probably get those hate comments and then run and hide LOL. gonna subscribe to you :)


    1. Don't be afraid to do what you want to do! :)

  3. omg i love your video!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)