Thursday 14 November 2013

Home Decor Excitement

I mentioned this a few posts ago, but I recently moved into a new apartment!  *YAYYYY*.  I must admit, moving is a royal pain in the a-hole, but there's also an incredibly exciting aspect to it when it comes to unpacking because you get to decide where everything will go all over again; it's a clean fresh start.

Naturally, I've unpacked and have already bought some new furniture, as well as scoured online marketplaces for retro pieces to fill my new space, but the apartment still needs a lot of work.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share with y'all my Pinterest-fueled visions for the new space!

The Living Room

I want this space to feel very comfortable, cozy and relaxed.  I also want my personality to echo throughout, so I decided to go with my favourite design aesthetic (Danish Mid-Century).  I'm actually hoping to carry this aesthetic throughout the entire space.  Because the living room will be used to just kick back and relax with loved ones, I want to keep it fun and laid back with pops of colour and cozy textures!  Here are my picks:

  1. KIVIK sofa from Ikea:  I've already purchased one in a 'Dark DANSBO Grey' colour ;)
  2. Fun toss pillows:  I've already gathered quite a slew of these, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect puppy cushion!
  3. High Pile Shag Rug:  Rugs can be quite pricy!  I've found the best prices to be at IKEA & Target.  In the meantime, I've just been using an old fluffy blanket…weird?
  4. Candles:  Yummy, yummy candles!  (Lately, I've been loving Voluspa…it's become the main reason I want to browse around Indigo lol).
  5. Retro Coffee Table:  I scored a cute one off of Kijiji for just $40 delivered!  Originally, I really wanted an original Danish Teak Wood table…but those babes be pricey -- even used! :(
  6. Crochet Poufs!  These retail for around $80 or so…I'm still in the midst of coming up with an easy/affordable DIY alternative.
  7. Danish/Retro arm chair:  These can be pricey, especially if purchased new (there is plenty of stock of these types of chairs in numerous stores on Queen West) -- HOWEVER, I have come by some potentials on Kijiji!  Must keep looking!
  8. A Cool floor lamp:  Floor lamps -- good ones -- are not cheap.  I'm still on the Kijiji-hunt!

The Home Office

I've actually split the main living area of the apartment into the 'Living Room' and the 'Home Office'.  Because these two 'rooms' are essentially sharing one big space, I thought it would be best to keep some consistency in colour throughout.  I decided I would keep the browns and whites carried throughout the entire space (coffee table, desk, chair, white walls, white textures, etc).  However, for the office space, I wanted less colour and more neutrals.  Here are my picks:

  1. Grey Patterned Rug: I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.  Surprisingly, Urban Outfitters has some pretty great (albeit cheap) ones!  
  2. Wall Art:  These are actually found images from Pinterest!  To keep things cheap, just print them right out as images.  Another good option is clean images from magazines.  I've chosen to put mine into black and white Ikea RIBBA frames (which I also scored off of Kijiji).
  3. IKEA faux sheep skin rug:  Rather than having this on the chair, I've opted to have it as a rug for my feet under the desk.  The faux sheep skin is a great alternative to the real sheep skin rug at Ikea.  The faux is only $13!
  4. Retro Leather Office Chair:  I scored this off of Kijiji for $30 delivered!
  5. Ikea LINNMON/KRILLE desk:  I've already purchased and built this!  It's such a great bargain for a clean work space (only $79!).

The Bedroom

I'm not one to like themes because I feel like sometimes they only add to the mess of a bedroom.  Naturally, I can tend to be messy most of the time, and to make up for this mess I wanted a theme that would just look effortlessly clean on its own, despite piles of messy clothing.  I've decided that a predominantly black and white scheme would work best for this!  And of course, the Danish aesthetic remains!  Here are my picks:

  1. Clean Solid Frames:  I scored a bunch of these off of Kijiji, but you can purchase similar ones on Ikea here.
  2. Simple Low-Sitting Bed: This is the MALM bed from Ikea.  I purchased mine about a year ago.  I wish I had decided to go with White back then, but what can ya do?  I'll have to use the black of the bed as the anchor colour and lighten up the rest of the room with mostly whites and greys.
  3. Simple White Night Stand:  These are a dime-a-dozen on Kijiji.  I'm thinking I'll be able to find any small night stand with clean lines and paint it white.  Hopefully a project that will cost me under $20!
  4. Crochet Rug: I've seen this DIY project on Pinterest maybe about a dozen times.  I am determined to do it!!
  5. Eames Rocker:  Okay, okay.  These are pricey.  I think they retail for around $200 in store, but there's still hope!  I have seen similar chairs on Kijiji for fairer prices.  This chair is majorly 'wish listed' for now.
  6. Industrial Floor or Wall Lamp:  I'm hoping to score a gem on Kijiji, but if not I know there are some options at Ikea.

I know this post has been different from the usual style-fuelled posts, but now that the home-decor bug has taken over, I'll probably be posting something decor-related every once in a while.  I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them!


  1. Nice interior of all 3 rooms c: Love the
    furniture picks as well! Xx

  2. I'm hoping for a post of the final product?!

  3. You're right, moving does suck, but it's so much fun to decorate and organize! :) Love all of your picks!

    xo Megan,

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  5. I love the KIVIK sofa. It looks so comfortable. But is it available in different colours too? How much does it cost?

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