Thursday 7 November 2013

#TBT: Cropped Lace & Head Wrap

There's something about the changing of the seasons that gets me in a mood to re-organize and re-focus myself.  With this upswing of OCDness comes some serious gusto to clean everything and make sure everything is in its place.  Anyway, whilst organizing my photo folders to backup my files, I noticed a few 'photo shoots' from the summer that I never got around to posting here.  Ergo, I bring you the '#TBT' posts.  This will be the first of three so I hope you enjoy them ;).  [FYI: by '#tbt' I mean "hashtag-throw-back-Thursday...]

There were a few things that I found myself consistently grabbing for on days when I'd have very little time to make myself look 'decent': The Headscarf, The Maxi Skirt + Crop Top Combo, and Red Lips.  Any of these things in and of themselves are absolute life savers!  Dirty hair??  HEADSCARF.  Too lazy for pants?  MAXI SKIRT.  To sleepy for makeup?  RED LIPS.  The amount of work these things just DO for you is astonishing, and I really appreciate the magic of it all.

My go-to hair routine all summer involved a super high (albeit Danish) bun accompanied by a wrapped headscarf (I was--no, still am, VERY obsessed with these).  This particular headscarf was the birth of a simple DIY.  Sometimes, scissors are your very best friend.  This 'do is a lifesaver if: a) you haven't showered in DAYS because you just so happen to be as disgusting and lazy as myself, or b) your annoying baby-hair flyaways feel like being forever-pain-in-the-asses.

I wanted to include this photo of The Boyf.  He takes all my outfit photos and he is wonderful, so I think it only fair to show him off every once in a while ;).  You can follow him on Twitter here: @corgijorgy

Happy Thursday All!


  1. You look lovely in that lovely look c:
    And hello Boyf! :P Xx

  2. Beautiful top and you! Would you like to follow each other?

  3. you look so pretty in that headwrap - it's the perfect touch of elegance x!

    High-Stitched Voice