Saturday 26 January 2013

Little Black Bag: First Impressions

My $49.94 Little Black Bag as of January26th!  1 day of trading left!!
Hey all you lovely peeps!  I know it's been an entire week since my last blog post, but I have been SWAMPED!  Long work hours have left me zombie-like in the evenings wanting to do nothing but play games on my ipad (uhhh Clash of Clans anyone??) or watch youtube for hours on Little Black Bag!

You've all heard of LLB I'm sure, but I had only found out about it a couple of weeks ago.  You know from THIS post that I opened my first LLB on January 16th!  It was only a 3-day $29.95 bag, so shortly after it ended I was easily persuaded (by LLB's birthday promo and a very cute studded duffle) to open another bag!

My trading wasn't very successful the first time 'round, but to my defence, I was a n00b and had no idea what was REALLY going on.  Needless to say, I ended up with 2 items that should arrive in the mail come Monday (*Yay*).  Anyway, my current $49.95 bag has been FAR more successful, but I would hardly call myself a seasoned pro!

I just wanted to make this post to let you guys know how much I am really enjoying this site!  LLB is a monthly subscription shopping site just like Just Fab or JewelMint.  The only difference is that the retail value of the items on LLB FAR exceed the cost of your monthly subscription price (there are two subscriptions to choose from: $29.95/month or $49.95/month).  The icing on the cake is that after you choose your main item, LLB chooses 1-3 surprise items to toss into your figurative "little black bag" based on your style profile.  Once you check out you have 3-7 days (based on the subscription you choose) to trade your items!  This gives you a chance to trade away your surprise items, if you don't like them, for something that you really love.  When you sign up LLB DOES warn you that trading is ADDICTING!  And they mention it for humour, I'm sure, but there is definitely a serious element of truth to it.  Alls I'm saying is:  know your limit and trade within it!

LLB has quickly become my favourite subscription shopping site.  Not only do they offer a pretty cute inventory, they also provide a whole new environment for women who love to shop and chat!  They have a chatting feature on the right panel of every product page, and it's a wonderful tool to communicate with your fellow traders.  Another element I love about the website is the video sharing.  It puts a face to the names of the lovely ladies you're chatting with, and it truly feels like a fun shopping/trading community!  Not to mention how fun/exciting trading is...anyway...I'm blabbering!  If you haven't checked out the site check it out here! =).

I can't really say anything about the quality of the products, or customer service (as I haven't encountered either yet), but once I do I'll post a review!  But these are my first impressions, and I am absolutely enjoying the ride!

Happy weekend everyone!


*btw this post was NOT sponsored in any way; these are my geniune first impressions of LLB!


  1. I almost got sucked in by one of their promotions too, but I was too nervous about being a bad trader and getting ripped off! Interesting post, it looks like I kinda did miss out!


  2. I will check it out! Thanks for sharing! x