Saturday 19 January 2013

Top Box: January 2013

Hello all!  It's SAAAATURDAYYY!  Finally.  Life (especially work) has been pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to post as much as I've wanted to this past week--especially style posts!  I have some photos from a shoot I did last weekend that I'll be editing and posting as soon as I can.  Tonight I have a birthday dinner party (and I still need to pick up a present!), but for now I have all these beauty videos made, so I thought I may as well share them with you =).

In my Beauty in a Box post back in December, I mentioned that I had signed up for a bunch of monthly beauty subscriptions NOT including Top Box because I was waitlisted.  Well!  A week or so after that I got an email from them saying that my subscription was ready!  Just in time for a January box!

To my surprise, the January Top Box ended up being a PrivĂ© box.  This means that instead of containing 4-5 various products, the box contained products from one brand, and for the January box the featured brand is Clinique.  Now, the box states that it features "repair wear repair focus".  This was my first disappointment because the featured product was also the teeniest, tiny sample!

I've never really used Clinique products (save for their Perfect Moisturizer), and I had some mixed feelings about some of these samples (especially the clarifying lotion...aka toner).  You can click here to watch my unboxing/review!

Ryan doing the Face Shop Ghassoul Clay Mask with me!

Have a happy Saturday all!



  1. Omg we are TWINS. lol Thanks for finding me - I actually went on a "Beauty Box Ban" this year, I'm trying to use up all of my samples. You and the Boyf look awesome in the masks together. I have a similar photo of my boyf & I, haha!

  2. tattoos are great! so DO IT :)

    cute post!

  3. LOLOL i love the last photo of you and your bf, made my night! the headband just tops it off haha.Omg, I adore your Michael Kors bag! :)

  4. Lovely products ! And the last picture is cute !
    Your blog is lovely !

    Will you please check out my blog sometime ? Thank you !